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Seed capital for Nordic tech entrepreneurs

ATM Venture Capital invest in SaaS-companies in early stages. We combine financial, technical and operational knowledge with capital to scale your company.



We named our fund after one of the core technologies behind data transfer - Asynchronous Transfer Mode, developed in the late 1980s. The concept was ground breaking at the time, allowing for a dramatic increase in data volumes and simultaneous data and voice transfers. Today, we take internet for granted and enjoy lightning fast online services without even thinking about all the great engineering that lay the foundation.

We wanted to pay our tribute to the foundations of modern internet technology, and at the same time look forward at what we believe is the next great wave of innovation – all built upon the idea of lightning fast data transfers, information exchange and analytics. Modern software is developed at accelerating speed and will continue to open up enormous business values through automation, efficient resource allocation and intelligent decision making.

We believe ATM encapsulates the modern software world we want to help create.


Current portfolio



Personalised on-site product search.
Powered by Machine Learning and built exclusively for eCommerce.



Detecht’s goal is to protect and help all riders, no matter style, bike or speed limit. That’s why we started Detecht, an app-based automatic emergency alarm for motorcyclists. The motorcycle app analyses the motorcyclists driving behavior and will automatically identify an anomaly and send out an alarm message.


Cogent is a platform for creating, distributing and maintaining premium mobile commerce apps and omnichannel solutions.



Secure and trusted communication for European companies and authorities